Venezuelan arrested for allegedly damaging the electrical system


April 20, 2019, at 11:36 p.m.
Updated April 20, 2019 20:03

On Thursday, officials of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence arrested Otoniel Ramos Sánchez, a worker from Corpoelec, for allegedly damaging the facilities of the national electricity system.

Pableysa Ostos, a Venezuelan journalist, indicated in her Twitter account that the troops searched Sanchez's house to place him in custody. He also added that the arrest warrant was issued by a District Court of the Capital.

At the time of his meeting with the authorities, the former employee of the state energy company had two years without going to work. Sánchez was systems analyst in the management of Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunications (Atit) of the Macagua Hydroelectric Power Plant, explained Ostos.

The Venezuelan state has also issued arrest warrants against other Corpoelec workers.

"Ramón Oswaldo García Garcia, Julio César Acuña Núñez, Miguel Ángel José Freitas Loreto and Jesús Eduardo Rodríguez, indicated for the crimes of damages to the installations of the national electrical system", concluded the journalist.

Sanchez's relatives could not communicate with him for more than 72 hours. The present state of man is unknown.


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