Two dead and 11 injured leave a collision on the Valencia-Puerto Cabello highway


Two people were burnt to death and 11 were injured in the tipping of a tank truck at kilometer 52 of the Valencia-Puerto Cabello highway in the state of Carabobo on Wednesday night.

One of the vehicles was trapped under the gandola, where two charred bodies were found, that of a lady and her youngest son.

The Integrated Civil Protection and Fire Brigade System participated in the incident and transferred the wounded to Dr. Adolfo Príncipe Lara Hospital in Puerto Cabello. Nine of the injured were transferred in ambulances of the Integrated System and two in ambulance of Insalud.

The heavy-duty vehicle caught fire, causing a multiple accident involving 10 cars.

Jacobo Vidarte, vice president of the Carabobo State Civil Protection and Fire Protection System, reported that while the commission was taking care of the injured, there was another road event at the site, which involved eight private vehicles, three of which were burned.

One of the cars involved (a van) was at the top of the central island, where three wounded people were on board; two in the truck and one in a double cabin vehicle.

One of these vehicles involved was the loading of crude palm oil, which was poured into the asphalt pulp, highway 192 and 193 km, which deserved the complete closure of both directions of the highway.

List of wounded:

1.- Samir Montoya C.I: 8,594,210 of 54 years. IDX burns with poly trauma. From Pto. Hair. Corolla 2001 color beige.
2.- Julio Jiménez C.I 17,025,312 of 33 years Idx. Polyraumatism of San Diego. Black Cherokee.
3.- William Cedeño C.I: 18.252.089 32 years old Idx poly trauma of San Ddiego. Black color Cherokee.
4.- Janet Moreno C.I: 9.668.819 of 47 years Idra polraumatismo of San Joaquin.
5.- Edgar Rivero C.I.12179368 aged 46 Idtra polytrauma and burn. From San Joaquin.
6.- Erika Fernández C.I: 11,147,704 of 46 years of polytraumatism Idx. From Naguanagua, a fusion of Ford, blue.
7.- Albert Ramírez C.I: 12,472,232 44-year old polytrauma Idx, from Naguanagua, Ford merger, blue.
8.- Josué Rondón C.I: 29.810.052 of 18 years Idx polytraumatism, of San Cristóbal assistant of the gandola.
9.- Luis Urquia C.I: 15951136 36 years old Idtra polytraumatism, Don Feen, color blue Puerto Cabello, government.
10.- Samuel Romero C.I: 17.517.964 32-year-old Idx polytrauma Don Feen, blue color, government.
11.- Josman Sivira C.I: 20,663,828 of 27 years old polytrauma of Idx, Don Feen, blue, government.


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