To contain prices, the Central Bank sets a ceiling for the dollar until the end of the year


After Indec reported that inflation in March was 4.7%, the Central Bank will set a ceiling on the dollar by the end of the year to contain prices.

The head of the monetary authority, Guido Sandleris, said that the floor and ceiling of today's non-interventionist exchange area, at R $ 39.75 and R $ 51.45, will stop being updated daily to stay fixed until the end of the year. .

In addition, the BCRA will refrain from buying dollars to add reserves if the dollar falls below the non-intervention zone before June 30 inclusive. That is, it will not inject pesos through the purchase of foreign currency. In case the dollar exceeds the ceiling of the non-intervention zone, on the other hand, the entity will withdraw the weights from the circulation through the sales of dollars from its reserves.

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