Monday , February 17 2020
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This will be the most "realistic" version of PUBG.

PlayerUnknown BattlefieldsPUBG releases a new patch for the official customer with very significant and important changes. He royal battle Bluehole releases a more realistic version, in which changes in weather conditions will play a determining factor.

As the game developers announced in the official publication, time will be one of the most significant changes: "When an Erangel game starts in cloudy weather, weather conditions will change dynamically between cloudy, windy, hail, light rain, heavy rain (lightning and thunder rain) and fog. "

Throughout this update, you can see several improvements, such as managing the scooter, snowmobile and motorcycle skiing, engine shutdown, visual implementations or sound enhancements.

Also, this is not the only news that PUBG has launched in recent days. From October, the game will have a cross mode between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, reducing the wait time to play a game

Although still in the shadow of Fortnite, PUBG keeps growing little by little, and with the arrival of a number of new features, tweaks and bug fixes that are royal battle, keep improving to try to have a bigger impact on the genre.

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