Sunday , March 7 2021

This was made Demi Lovato in her body

Demi Lovato is paying tribute to her beloved friend Buddy, who passed away about three and a half years ago.

The "Skyscraper" singer, who shared the maltipoo with her former Wilmer Valderrama, has announced the painful news of Buddy's death with her followers on Twitter in July 2015.

"We are absolutely heartbroken to write this, but Wilmer and I are devastated to inform them that we lost our little angel Buddy last Sunday," Lovato wrote. "We were caught too early in a tragic accident, and although I never know why this happened, I know God only puts us in situations we can deal with, so together we get stronger."

"We have incredible people around us and a lot of love and support that is holding us back in this time of need," he continued. "Buddy was loved by so many people and as small as he, he had a great impact on our lives, he was truly a human being and we were very lucky to have him in our lives."

Demi Lovato received a new tattoo Demi Lovato made a new tattoo / Instagram

Demi took her Instagram Story on Wednesday night to thank the famous tattoo artist Dr. Woo for her new tattoo. The singer also shared a photo of the tattoo, a photo of her dead dog with "Buddy is here" written below.

"Thank you @_dr_woo_ for the incredible portrait of my late angel Buddy," Lovato wrote. "RIP @DemisBuddy will love you forever and I'll never forget you".

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