this is what the editors VidaExtra think about the first official details of the next PlayStation


Sony yesterday released the first data on its next desktop console, which we will continue to call PS5 until the company decides to announce its official name, and although there is still much to know about it until its release, of which we do not have an official date, something gave us to think.

Then, again, the editors who make up the Extra life We decided to leave in writing some of our first thoughts and ideas as a result of all this information. Get a soda pop, a good bowl of popcorn and make yourself at home.

Alex CD

Of all the official details of PS5 which Sony made known, I think I came with the inclusion of an SSD hard drive above all else. I assume that graphically we will be well served on the new generation of consoles seeing what the current ones are capable of, so I do not worry much. And the 8K … well, when 4K games are the standard and can move smoothly to 60fps, we'll talk about 8K and their diapers.

The new consoles should strive to minimize the time elapsed since we called them until we started playing

What happens with backward compatibility it also seems to me a very good move. After all the clubs that Sony received for not offering it on PS4, contrary to what Microsoft has been doing with an Xbox One compatible with many games of the two previous Xbox, seems a logical step. In any case, for my Xbox One passed very briefly a couple of Xbox 360 titles, no more. I have a lot of news to play and I do not have much time to go back to the titles of one or two previous generations, but rather to overcome backward compatibility and that everyone can have at their disposal more options.

Coming back to SSD, I think That's where the war has to be.. The new consoles should strive to minimize the time elapsed from the time we call them until we start playing so that the gaming experience has as few charges as possible, and when that happens, it's very, very short. Not to mention the installation processes. What I want is to turn on the console, put the game and play, like when everything was in the cartridge, not having to swallow several menus and load screens. And during the games, the same: I want speed and a fluid experience at all times.

The example that Sony offered is as follows: Marvel's Spider-Man quick runs are done in 15 seconds on a PS4 Pro, while on the PS5 it can be done in 0.8 seconds. And that's fine, but we're talking about a game developed for the PS4. It is possible that PS5 to improve load times compared to the current SSD, but perhaps by their very nature do not produce data as bombastic as the example. Let's see what the thing is.


Oh, the 8K …

Frankie MB

Not the eight cores, nor the turntable: on more than one occasion I expressed my worry so I have invested in the games of the current generation and what will happen to them after the generational leap. Not only in the DLCs, but also at play time. A consequence derived from the game as a service. And, at least in my case, PS5 hit the key.

O long rumors backward compatibility will be the best ambassador of the new Sony consoleand also the current one. Above your specifications? Consider the following: invest in games and content on a console that has been labeled end of cycle Now is a long-term investment.

It remains to see how many of the upcoming games end up having an issue well in life what each desktop can offer, as it did with The Last of us and there are currently rumors about its sequel, but I will not deny that you can play Dragon Ball FighterZ, Overwatch O God of War from day one and without spending an extra dime makes Early Adopter very easy.

On the other hand, the inclusion of an SSD hard drive It is a really necessary move. Charging times have never been a problem on the PS4, but if you're really eyeing Ultra High Definition is an effective solution that positively affects the current PlayStation games that official – are already part of your catalog. As long as there are no small printof course

Sony seems to have gotten out of the remasters' cycle, although I do not rule out that we will see one Shadow of the Colossus 4K Edition. But in the absence of clearer specs with which to imagine how games with Ray Tracing and its increasingly attractive virtual reality will seem, what is promised is well on the right track.

Now the real talk will come with the announcement of the real news, its services in the cloud and, above all, a very vigorous catalog of games which invites us to make the transition instead of staying with what we already have.

R. Márquez

We already have it here officially, the new generation has been with us for a while now cents and dollars, but being sure first-hand about what is being done to make the jump is always appreciated. We will be happier knowing that we will not have to wait until next year, but despite this, there are reasons to be happy for the news.

The Hard Drive SSD is undoubtedly the most interesting of all, and it is time for technology to leave the charging screens behind or at least reduce them as much as possible to avoid such annoying delays. What furthermore can push the performance of the advertised backcompatibility is a joy.

In the end, the games are what make the difference and, however powerful the console may be, everything will be reduced to that

It will be left to see which sizes start to be scrambled because the thing paints badly for the space that will occupy the games when entering the scene things like 3D sound and the 8K Resolution. I still think that not everyone is willing to follow the race for resolution, but it is understandable considering that Sony has to continue to sell teles and it will be these (and not the console) that will be in charge of offering the image.

It is to be appreciated that with this power in mind, the extent to which lower resolutions can work best is taken into account. I do not know if to the point of 4K standard and 60 fps, but of course that should be a very important issue for this new generation.

Butt also with the cape for the virtual reality. Sony did the experiment on its own and it stands to reason that it wants to give continuity to a technology that is still crawling. In the end this also means that they put their batteries to the games, arguably the weakest note of an invention that apparently he still has a lot to prove.

In short, good feelings touch the earth sooner than later, though the thing seems too long. It's surprising not to see really powerful headlines from what Cerny said, but at the end of the day this is the usual, at the end games are what make the difference and, however powerful it may be, everything will be reduced to that.

Ps Now


I do not think I'm the only one who is happy backward compatibility with the PS4 of the future PS5, as much as half happiness. But it is that seeing the path chosen by Sony for a while for this part, everything seemed to indicate that it would continue leaving aside backward compatibility to reload the games we already have, as it happens with PlayStation Now.

At the level of power, practically what is expected, although surprising Emphasis to jump to 8K when the current ones were something fair by moving the games into conditions for 4K. In addition, then there is the embarrassing question: How many people have an 8K television? Therefore.

The real reason that eludes you is your SSD hard drive, because it is something that consoles users have been demanding for a long time and that until now they only liked the PC market. The differences in reading are terrible and already gave us an example with this The Marvel Spider-Man, where a charge of 15 seconds in the PS4 Pro would take only 0.8 seconds in the future PS5. Goodbye to loading times, go.

Will continue to bet on the physical format no matter how established the digital and the future

Nor can I hide my joy by confirming that she will also carry a turntable. Because yes, will continue to bet on the physical format no matter how resolved the digital and the future. Not all of us like the idea of ​​quitting local shops in search of games. Even second-hand. Another issue is that it manages to replicate the PSP Go formula that Microsoft has just adopted with its Digital edition for Xbox One S as an alternative model for those who want to completely decant for PSN.

There are many other unknowns, besides not even PS5 is his definitive name. But there is a lot of willingness to give (again) the generational jump of the consoles, which have been enjoying every leap many years.


Diego Pazos

Here we are again, about to launch the new generation the impression that we use that term once every six months, at least. A marked by the changes, by this tendency to go digitaland the imminent arrival of companies remote of traditional brands that appear to be willing to convert in another trend, another habit in our day to day.

In this sense, the reassurance about the the hypothetical PS5 – Changing your name now, despite the potential rhyme, sounds crazy – comes from the location of the experiments with refrigerant aside and focus on things that people takes time claiming while companies take it for granted that it's already there, that's how it goes.

It is difficult not to understand that this new platform will be transient

There will be those who feel calm when they realize that the disc player is maintained and it seems that we move away from streaming and "all digital" as the only solution. It is not my case, although it is comfortable. Yes, it calms me down a lot. the backward compatibility commitment reason why it supposes, not only in economic level, to give a sense of continuity and not of rupture with the previous one.

A double-edged sword, since in return it does not cost to form the idea that this new platform it will be transition: a powerful console only half, regardless of a Support 8K that none has been asked, nor does he personally believe that it is expected; made to last three or four years until leave your improved version and start dreaming about the sixth installment. I do not look very optimistic, I know, but sometimes it is better to put the plaster before the wound.

Where I do not think there is any doubt, it is in terms of including a Hard Drive SSD and improved audio system. This is where I think we should have always been guided: to improve what we already have and to create with it more immersion, something for which it is essential to better measure the times and to appeal to our senses with something more than polygons.

That Cerny's words aim to create this feeling and not fall without other technical specifications. almost therapeutic. Now it remains to see if they are more than intentions, and if really the price will meet or not our wildest delusions. The countdown begins. Welcome, be

Sergio Cejas

When Sony revealed yesterday the first official details of the future PS5 or whatever you end up calling, I kept thinking the piece of locomotive that's coming with all these incredible features that will make us lose the current generation of consoles.

Of all that was said to be included, I especially loved the fact that I am going to bet on backward compatibility. It has always seemed like a great idea to continue enjoying the games I already have, even if I change the console, but we will have to see if it will allow us to simply insert any disc from the first day or it will work. a similar way to how this happens on Xbox One.

Also, I've always liked it more there are games in physics that in digital, then I could not be happier the fact that Sony does not follow the same path as Microsoft or Google with Stadia and therefore follow supporting the disks with their boxes. I can not help, I love looking at the bookshelf and seeing the games I have instead of having to access the console and consult a simple list.

Spider man

Another aspect that caught my attention was the speed with which it ensures that the worlds of video games will be loaded. When I saw the example that was placed The Marvel Spider-Man, I could not help but remember the loading times of Final Fantasy XV which can last up to two minutes. With the SSD finally I can say goodbye to those endless times in all games? I cross my fingers to make it this way.

And if there is another detail that fascinated me was when Mark Cerny commented that he wants the sound evolves. I thought it was a wonderful idea because there is always talk about graphics or power, but we must not forget that sound and music are decisive, so I am looking forward to the fact that they will try to offer a more immersive and realistic experience with this 3D audio.

As far as the rest, I personally feel that the resolution reaches the 8K or what is going to be compatible with PlayStation VR. Sony's virtual reality has never completely convinced me, and a lot of things have to change to make my opinion different. In any case, Sony has already taken a giant step for the next generation and we will have to see how the competition responds before this movement.


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