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Google announced at the end of April the candidates to receive the prizes of the different categories of the Prizes of Google Play. To start the Google I / O 2019, Mountain View announced to the Winners of each of the nine categories of 2019 Google Play Awards apps and games, which rewards the best application of the last course.

Through a post on your site, Google has announced the winners of the 2019 Google Play Awards. Unlike last year, the categories of these awards they have changed a little, with the arrival of new inclusions, such as "Most beautiful game" O "The best experience in the living room". Some winners have resulted from a mix of very popular applications with others not so well known.

Google Play 2019 awards: results are left

Best Welfare Application: Woebot

Google has created this category to reward apps that allow people to "live the best version of their lives", while demonstrating responsible design and participation strategies. On this occasion Woebot won the award.

It is an application in which users can talk to a chatbot to register your mood and get better personal care, among other characteristics. Even allows access to cognitive behavioral therapy tools. Woebot can be install totally free from Google Play.

Best accessibility experience: Envision AI

A category that rewards applications and games that enable device interaction in an innovative way and this is disabled people or special needs. Envision AI was awarded this year as the best application in this category.

An application that describes by voice what the user captures with the camera of his cell phone, including written text. It is a really useful application for people who have vision problems, since helps them to live more independently.

Best social impact: Wisdo

Wisdo App

A category that values ​​these applications and games that have had a positive impact on communities around the world., focusing on health, education, crisis response, refugees and literacy **. This year's winner was Wisdo, a free application that serves as a kind of guide to life.

With Wisdo, users can share anything they went through to find other people who have gone through exactly the same thing, and be able to connect with them. Several scenarios can be applied, from loneliness to anxiety or low esteem. The idea is to involve other people to learn or guide them in their situations.

Most beautiful game: Legends Shadow

The "most beautiful game" is a category in which those games that exemplify the art or unique visual effects, through creative images and / or using advanced graphic API features. The winner is Shadowgun Legends, a free role-playing title with a great visual section.

Shadowgun Legends takes the player to a futuristic world where mankind suffers a devastating extraterrestrial invasion. As a recruit of the shadow weapon, legendary heroes and warriors, the user must change the course of the war and teach those who rule in the galaxy.

Best experience in the living room: Neverthink

A category that takes into account those applications that create, enhance or allow a great living room experience which unites people. This year, and debuting this category, the winner was Neverthink, an application to watch videos without having to think too much.

That is, it is a really useful application for that moment when people they just want to put some substance when they do not have the time or inclination to look for what to see. Neverthink has 40 channels with content, and you just have to let the editors make their selection for the video to begin.

Most inventive App: Tick Tock

A category that brings together applications and games that showcase a new and innovative use case such as the use of new technologies, which satisfy a single audience or demonstrate an innovative application of mobile technology to users. Although it shares a name with a popular app, Tick ​​Tock is a cooperative game that won the award.

In this game users must play with another person in order to complete the different levels you propose, because collaboration is fundamental because each user sees only half the screen. That yes, Each player must install the title on their own mobile phone, since you can not play two people in the same dispissive.

Best application for emerging markets: Canva

Create logos on your phone with the Canva

As its name suggests, it is a category that includes the applications and games with performance, localization and culturalization optimized for emerging markets. Canva, the popular app, was awarded this course.

It is an application that allows generate ready-to-use images in social networks and in any other situation. This application, which can be downloaded for free, was awarded on this occasion by its optimization and adaptation to emerging markets.

Most Innovative App: Slowly

Slowly app

The most innovative application is a category that includes new applications with excellent overall design, user experience, commitment, retention and strong growth. Slowly was the winner of the Google Play Awards 2019 category.

It is an application that allows meet other people by mail from your mobile phone. The idea is to connect with other people who share their same passions, Write them a letter and collect stamps from around the world..

Most innovative game: Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force has won the award for the most innovative gamecategory that sought new games with excellent overall design, user experience, commitment, retention and strong growth. The action title for mobile devices can be downloaded for free and users can to create squads with Marvel superheroes.

Earth is being attacked and some superheroes and supervillages allied to defend it. Players must create a squad consisting of heroes such as Spider-Man, Strange Doctor, Groot, Rocket Racoon, Loki, Poison, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man, among others. The objective is to devise a combat strategy to end the new threat and save the earth.

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