These are the free December games with gold games


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<p>This weekend will begin formally in December and, if you are a subscriber of <strong>Xbox Live Gold</strong> You know very well what that means. That's right, free games! By him, <strong>Microsoft</strong> today announced the titles that will be awarded at no cost to all its subscribers as part of the program <strong>Games with gold.</strong></p>
<p>As usual, there are four games in total that members <strong>Gold</strong> You can download during the next month. Starting with the <strong>Xbox one</strong>, throughout December will be available for download <strong><em>Q.U.B.E. 2</em></strong>    and, from December 16 to January 15, the game of <em><strong>Never alone</strong></em>. About <strong>Xbox 360</strong>, during the first fortnight will be activated <em><strong>Dragon Age II</strong></em>  and in the remaining two weeks <strong><em>Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction,</em></strong>    which by the way is the original title of the first <strong>Xbox</strong>.</p>
<p>All together, all games are worth almost $ 60, which we can save for the simple fact that we are Gold subscribers. Not bad, right?</p>
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