The US embassy is solely responsible for Guaido security


Cabello: The US embassy is solely responsible for Guaido security

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, said Monday, January 28, that the US embassy "is solely responsible for Juan Guaidó's security."

"Here in Venezuela, the only person in charge of Guaidó's security is the US embassy: it's American imperialism; Yesterday a citizen there, security chief, warned that something could happen to that gentleman. "We are interested in not appearing one, four or five like him because they are incompetent and unable to follow an imperialist order," he said during a pro-government mobilization in the state of Lara.

He added that "if there is someone responsible, something happens to that gentleman or some leader of the opposition, it is the same imperialism that has his plans, they are the false positives that they want to create to blame the Venezuelans or the Venezuelan government."

He added that "now in the world they are talking about people killed in the protests."

"We died in the protests, we know of someone who was murdered and then burned in Merida, who did this, right, who of the opposition went out to oppose such an act of savagery? They encourage," he accused.


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