The United States urges its allies not to use Huawei


The United States has launched a campaign to dissuade allied countries' telecom companies from using equipment manufactured by Chinese giant Huawei, citing the possibility of allowing Beijing access to confidential information, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The campaign, also targeted at government officials, has been launched in allied countries where Huawei's equipment is widely used, such as Germany, Italy and Japan, the paper quoted people as saying.

According to the sources mentioned in the WSJ, the United States also considers allocating more financial aid to the telecommunications sector in countries that avoid the use of Chinese equipment.

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Huawei, one of the largest suppliers of telecommunications equipment and services in the world, has been a cause of concern in some countries, including the United States and Australia, for its alleged close ties with Beijing.

But the company denied the allegations that it posed a security risk and was linked to Chinese intelligence services.

One concern for Washington is the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in countries with military bases, such as Germany, Italy and Japan, the newspaper said.

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