The takeoff of the marijuana industry makes Uruguay a world leader


Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize marijuana / Photo: Pixabay

The canadian Canopy growth, the most important group of cannabis in the world, lands in Spain. He bought it this week. A small company with a growing license to expand its drug unit in Europe.

Per: Daniel Gómez | ALÁVIO

The same Canopy received in August 2018 a capital injection of 3,371 million dollars by the North American group Constellation mark, owner of Corona beer.

The marijuana business also seduced the Californian influencer Dan Bilzerian. The well known "Instagram King"Founded by Ignite, a company that sells oils and beauty products made with this plant.

On Wall Street, companies that operate with cannabis are doing so well, and there are so many, they even have an index of their own. North American Marijuana Index, which in 2018 was re-evaluated over 400% and this year is again on the rise.

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