The Real Madrid star who apologizes to Florentino Pérez: Zidane decides his future


Many problems were presented to the meringue team this year, Florentino Pérez let it go Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidane, the wardrobe suffered a heavy blow from which it could not recover. The responsibility of a giant during low hours fell on Santiago Solari, in a desperate attempt by the directive to manufacture a new Zizou in record time, but this time the end did not have fireworks.

The Argentine strategist's move was tempestuous, mainly because he did not count on the support of much of the work force. Problems began with Isco Alarcón, who got off the leads and the response from the coach was that there was a big competition and some had to stay out, the abnormal was that the discarded was Bait, a football player who for months was the best of the white team and the Spanish national team.

The malagueño with his lack of commitment and reluctance in training, took the conflict to another level of tension and had strong discussions with Solari and Florentino Pérez, to the point of putting a date on his departure from Real Madrid.

Now, calmly and waiting for a major restructuring, Bait wants to stay and apologized for Florentino Pérez by his attitude this season, but the final word is Zidanewho, upon arriving, gave confidence to the Spaniard and incorporated him to his eleven owner. The minutes that the Frenchman is giving him is a test to observe his behavior and contribution of football in a complicated moment.

If it ends up being part of the discard list for the summer market, the Manchester City in Guardiola waiting for you with open arms in a scheme that will favor your playing characteristics.


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