The president of Alibaba is a member of the Communist Party of China


So far Jack Ma, who is the richest man in China, had not made very clear his political affiliation.

Alibaba President Jack Ma is a member of the Communist Party of China, the state-run People's Daily reported Monday. In this way, the Chinese medium has made known the mystery of the political position the richest man in China. So far Ma had merely stated with regard to his relations with the Government: "I love them, but I do not marry them".

The revelation came when a list of 100 people was published that the Central Committee of the Communist Party wants to honor for its contribution to reforms and openness to global markets.

According to the commentary under Ma's name on the list, which includes both party members and persons not affiliated with the political entity, the billionaire "has been a great driving force for domestic demand. "

"Under its leadership, Alibaba ranks among the top 10 global companies in terms of market value, making China a leading player in the industries of international electronic commerce, Internet finance and cloud computing, generating a lot of entrepreneurs and emerging companies, "the statement added.

The 100-person cast includes representatives of the Chinese elite from different backgrounds, including businessmen, Communist Party officials, economists, scientists, astronauts and artists. Among the people selected are two other founders of leading Internet companies such as Robin Li of Baidu and Pony Ma of Tencent.


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