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The passion for medicine faces Covid: doctors

Veracruz, Ver – Doctors Veracruz facing the most difficult time for the memory health sector, due to the covid-19 pandemic, despite this, the vocation of service is the characteristic of each one of them, which at home or in the office, treat patients regardless of the risk of contagion.

Lorenzo Castañeda Pacheco, who has been a doctor for 37 years, was sent home by Health’s Secretary since April 1 for belonging to the population at risk; however, treat patients across the state for free at home, through the consultations provided by social networks.

On date attended a thousand patients, which claims to value the service it provides to the community and keep it in line with the recommendations of the health sector to prevent contagion and the spread of the virus.

As a doctor I never stopped, since April 2 I launched the platform to serve the population via social networks, many people say that social networks are bad, but social networks are good depending on how you use them

In turn, the surgeon Marco Antonio Rufino González, who has been in the profession for 14 years, pointed out that since May he has been intensively assisting patients with chronic-degenerative diseases the public sector neglected them to prevent them from becoming infected with the coveted.

He contracted covid-19 and was hospitalized last July.However, he stated that his vocation for service prevented him from staying at home and after a month of convalescence he returned to his private office to give him all the sanitary measures to guarantee him a new infection or ‘infect his family.

“It is part of our work, there are risks inherent to what we have to do, we are not invulnerable, I lost some friends and colleagues to this problem., but we know that we have to do this because there are many people who need attention “he stated.

The doctor Carmen Oropeza, with 45 years of service, also contracted covid-19 during the pandemic, however, after recovering at home, he decided to return to work in his office located in the Amapolas district, one of the poorest areas in the city of Veracruz.

While He said he feared for his health, stressed that it is part of his duty to provide the service and raise awareness. their environment so that they take into account the authorities’ recommendation to take care; the most painful and difficult was having to leave their families and taking other measures to avoid infecting them and exposing them to the virus.

“I can’t kiss my loved ones when I’m here, I can’t visit them, if I see them very carefully, I don’t touch them, I clean my shoes, I put on my mask and I see them from a distanceHe added.

It is important to foster empathy

Acting as a doctor during the Covid-19 pandemic offers the opportunity to rediscover and strengthen the vocation to service, said in an interview with health professionals, who agreed on the importance of fostering empathy and taking care of themselves and others.

Despite the acceptance of this you experience anxiety, sadness and skin problems due to the use of gloves, masks and special equipmentIn addition to worrying about being infected and infecting loved ones, they say they are encouraged to know that they are doing everything possible to help others.

In the box Doctor’s Day, Carolina Valladares Heredia, who works in a hospital, says that the feeling of frustration is great, as he says, it seems that people do not understand the magnitude of the pandemic. “While on duty, I have no time for anything. I go back and forth with the awareness that I am at the service of others, but it is inevitable not to break. I cried and cried and felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to “throw in the towel”, but then I recover and go crazy. It is not easy, but it is what fills me and gives me satisfaction: not standing still when I have enough training and passion for medicine to achieve unity and give everything I can. ‘Tue.“.

Carmen Pedraza, who is also a teacher, says she has never been so scared as she is now: “We have seen many people die who have not yet been affected, but nothing can be done because it is a new disease, because there is no effective treatment. The doctor is a guide, not a magician“.

He claims that tevery day he doesn’t want to know more, because he has a headache, because he cannot see with the mask, because he is dizzy, because he is thirsty, because he wants to go to the bathroom. However, when asked if she would choose to be a doctor again, she replied yes with enthusiasm.

Of course, because that’s what I love to do and we’re still there, despite the fear. On the doctor’s day I have a lot of mixed feelings, but we are here and you have to get up. I hope I don’t get sick or my colleagues … “.

In the case of the doctor Itzel Citlalli Badillo, who works at a health clinic, says whether in a pandemic season or not, there is always a lot to do. “The job never ends. Perhaps now people are realizing and enjoying it a little more than we are doing. Currently, the main concern for us is not to infect a member of our family, especially the most vulnerable ”.

The doctor Blanca Eli Vela Grajales, a worker from the southern delegation of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), said that He felt “A lot of terror and a lot of fear, but we had to overcome it because we have to help people”.

The doctor Uno de Orizaba Family Medical Unit, Adriana Rojas Montiel, said that Doctor’s Day was a bittersweet meeting, as they mixed homesickness for those who are no longer and, at the same time, the desire to continue fighting and take advantage of those around them.

In this particular year, it is impossible not to remind all of our colleagues that, unfortunately, precisely because of the disease, not a few died, speaking a little in real numbers, Mexico is the country with the largest number of health workers who died from Covid-19 at all levels“, Am sorry.

For the doctor at the regional hospital “Luis F. Nachón”, Jesús Eduardo Acosta, the Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone, professionally and personally, changing their lifestyles even when they return home, which now causes fear among health professionals.

“Because we don’t know whether you’re infected or not or asymptomatic. This pandemic has affected many doctors because it means that it completely changes their lifestyle in terms of professional and personal development “, He said.

The doctor Adolfo del Ángel Arrieta considered that belonging to health personnel in these pandemic times, This is one of the biggest challenges for every worker in the medical field due to the great paradigm shift in care that had to be adopted and adapted to existing diseases.

“In particular, during a period of this pandemic, I was at the forefront, supporting Covid teams and really seeing the complication and situation of many patients arriving, with the uncertainty of knowing they are vulnerable and feeling safe. danger of death. . This fine line between life and death makes you think, it hurts, you suffer and live next to the patient “, He said.

With information from Maribel Sánchez and Ariadna García

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