The National Art Gallery opens the curtain for the Expo for Sexual Diversity 2018


National Gallery of Art (GAN), opens its doors to the fourth edition of The Sexual Diversity ExpoIn Friday 23rd to Sunday, November 25th, a tribute to the artist and writer Pedro Lemebel, one of the most contentious voices in Chilean society, through a wide range of different artistic manifestations such as painting, photography, sculpture, performances, theater, cinema, lectures, body painting, among others.

This event aims to create awareness through art as a tool of transformation, and make groups visible (LGBT), in addition to claiming their rights and building a new subjectivity against all forms of discrimination.

In this context, the artist Luis Mancera, who participated with the project "Mancerista: Mariquita Linda Intervenida", a proposal between performance and event, that plays with the duality of the word "inter", only to reflect on the change of roles and all dynamics of the power that is in it. "The premise is, what do you do with a body, that body is for what?" Mancera underlined, beginning with the initial male body being discussed, which is the Mancera in his teacher's clothing, which will be stripped by the public as far as modesty comes

Mancera said that this idea comes to see how the Venezuelans perceive the body and how we are mediated by pleasure. "Only today people were not allowed to enter the museum, and this tells us how restricted the body is, how it is highly dominated. Since the intimate act of undressing the other is not an individual act but an intimate collective act, here we are puts at stake the imaginary of the common, "said the interpreter.

On the other hand, the artist of the body David Aranguren, said he came to present his campaign "Píntame Venezuela", a motivational body art work that consists of painting nationalistic motifs on the skin, specifically on people's faces.

This initiative seeks to highlight our virtues, values ​​and principles and make an appeal to the social body about our importance in the world. He emphasized that each person symbolizes a color, which represents it in their skins and that this has to do with their spirituality and virtue as a human being. "I paint landscapes, birds, animals that represent our diversity," said the painter.

In addition, a recital of poetry by Alejandro Pacheco, the audiovisual "Víctor & # 39; s victory", the speech of Ricardo Hung "Lemebel and daughter of the whore", the talk about the play "La Quinta" by Elio Palencia Dayana "by Carolina García, among others.


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