Wednesday , June 23 2021

"The Monster of Cabimas" will be 30 years in prison for killing his 3 children

Prior to prosecution, Jose Reyes Fama Barrios (28) was sentenced to 30 years in prison, after having caused the death of his three children of six, four and a year, as well as trying to take the life of his companion (25) . ).

The triple homicide occurred in a house in the sector of Delicias Nuevas, in Cabimas, Zulia state, on July 27, 2017.

At the trial, the 43rd and 47th prosecutors ratified the indictment against the man for crimes of qualified homicide, femicide aggravated in degree of frustration and resistance to authority.

Based on the evidence provided by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the 2nd Court determined the maximum penalty and ordered Fama Barrios to remain at the headquarters of the Municipal Police of Cabimas.

The man used a knife to severely injure the three children while they slept. Later, he attacked the woman and caused serious injuries with the above-mentioned weapon. In addition, he gave her a blow to the head that made him lose consciousness.

Inhabitants of the area warned the authorities about this irregular situation, for which officials of the Municipal Police of Cabimas arrived at the scene and arrested in flagrante delicto the aggressor, who opposed the arrest.

The agents, therefore, were forced to persuade the man to reach the materialization of the arrest.

The woman, in turn, received medical attention at the General Hospital of Cabimas "Doctor Adolfo D & # 39; Embera" for presenting several injuries in the chest and back region.

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