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The increase in the minimum wage to Bs 40,000 has no legal

April 29, 2019 08:54
Updated April 29, 2019 21:26

The filtering of a supposed Related searches NO 6452, where the minimum wage is fixed at 40,000 bolivars from April 25, has generated uncertainty among citizens, because the document is not published on any official page.

"The gazette does not exist, what exists is a PDF document that has been leaked by the WhatsApp. The website of the Central Bank announced the increase of the petro, but the BCV website is not an instrument that attests what it says there, because the legal is what was stated in official diary"Said Jesus Rangel Rachadell, a professor at the Central University of Venezuela, exclusively for The national.

Rangel recalled that this is not the first time this has occurred with the minimum wage increases declared by Nicolás Maduro. "This is the third time, because in November of last year, an increase that was not published in the newspaper, neither the increase of the minimum wage nor the rate of the basket was established, and in January the situation was repeated," he said.

The calculation of the value of the food ticket is made based on 10% of the minimum wage; however, this equivalence was never officially stipulated in the state publication, he said.

"If they wanted to change the basket, they would have to publish it now, because at that time it was calculated at 10%, but it was never officially stated that this would be the percentage of the salary that was in effect at the time," he said.

This inconsistency of the document can create problems when workers wish to receive their benefits because there is no legal basis that obliges the employer to do so. However, some public sector companies executed the payment, according to Rangel.

"In the public administration there is no possibility of executing an expense that is not foreseen in a legal instrument. The order to pay this new increase does not appear anywhere, in the supposed gazette does not appear or in the signature of Maduro, what appears is his name, "he said.

He recalled that each official diary it is identified with a numeral and its numerical order was not respected because some are not published and the sequence is lost. "The disorder of this public administration makes us suspect that the government would use these alleged publications at a time that suits them, but of which there is no evidence," he said.

Petro does not exist in the Venezuelan economy

Economist Luis Oliveros said The national If the new increase were to materialize, it would lose its value due to the high inflation rate and would force Maduro to increase the liquidity of the cash.

"This increase is equivalent to $ 10 today, and quite possibly will become less than 10 in a matter of a month," Oliveros said. "For me petro does not exist in the Venezuelan economy, I believe that the government will change its price in order to justify Venezuelans increasing the minimum wage," he said.

He added that with petro, it is expected to be able to handle all prices and economic variables, but having no demand abroad, ended in complete failure.

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