The general who led the 1992 coup attempt with Hugo Chávez is tortured and incommunicado


The now larger general (Ej) Miguel Eduardo Rodríguez Torres is one of the most visible leaders of the 4F movement, as is known from the group of those who participated in the coup attempt of Hugo Chávez in 1992 against then-president Carlos Andrés Pérez. He never imagined that the revolution he helped install and consolidate today imprisoned, incommunicado and disappeared, while his partner was arrested and tortured.

Today there are 55 days, as of April 28, Your family does not know where he is.. No one saw, there was no phone call, no guardian says whether it's in Dgcim, Green Branch, Sebin or Green Branch.

In his file, he says he was transferred from the DGCIM to the 35th Military Police Regiment in Fort Tiuna, but not even your lawyer can certify because they did not allow him to see or talk to him.

His daughters, parents, brothers and friends are alarmed. The general, who until 2014 was the powerful Minister of the Interior, have health problemsThen his doctors asked for his transfer to the hospital for surgical procedures and medical treatments.

Not only does he not receive medical attention, but his family points out that his case "was plagued by addictionsprocedural delays, denial of justice and breach of the rights of the defense. "

It was of no use that on June 7 a writ of Habeas Corpus was exercised for the judicial authorities to take the necessary actions to find their whereabouts. There is not even a faith in Major-General's life.

The family reports that communications have been sent to both the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Office of the Public Prosecutor for Fundamental Rights, the Office of the Ombudsman and the Court of Control and Guarantees itself, which is the guarantor of their safety. There is no answer.

The policeman's eldest daughter, Stefani RodríguezHe said: "I denounced the enforced disappearance of my father and I demand a living faith"Ask the DGCIM or the Military Police to tell you where the top officer is.

The former district mayor of Alto Apure, Jorge Rodríguez, is the father of Rodriguez Torres and requires a life faith and the right to visit him. "I have denounced to Venezuela and the world the forced disappearance of my son. We went to different places of confinement and they do not give us an answer. "

The mother of the absent military officer is Jeninie de Rodríguezwho said: "I do not know about my son. Even the lawyers could not see it. I ask those who have interference in this case to help me"

Jorge Luis Rodríguez Torres, brother of the detained general, publicly asked the UN commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, that he review the file because his due process has been violated, the visit of his relatives, the assistance of his defense, at the same time he denounces that he has disappeared.

Danelly Rodríguez, in turn, addressed Bachelet: "My brother was prevented from visiting the family. You, who lived in torture, disappearances and were victims of a dictatorship can understand our situation. So far no one has seen us. My brother gave his life for this country and does not deserve the treatment they are giving him. "

His partner tortured and arrested

Rocío Ramirez is from La Grita, a town located in the mountains of the state of Táchira and is the sentimental partner of Rodríguez Torres. A few weeks ago, she was detained by DGCIM officials, held incommunicado and presented at the 45th Caracas Metropolitan Area Control Court. The Public Prosecutor's Office 38 with national jurisdiction has sought custody and remains in custody at Dgcim.

On Saturday, May 18, at night, she was taken to the headquarters of Dgcim. Days later several witnesses asserted that a woman was transferred internally from one place to another in the Dgcim, in a wheelchair and proved to be brutally beaten. Suddenly, the woman shouted with all her might that she was the wife of Rodriguez Torres, who was kidnapped there and asked for help.

The guardian covered his mouth and led her to an enclosed place. An uncomfortable silence surrounds the case. There is not a single manifestation that explains what happens to the lady. Not even Rodriguez Torres.

His arrest would have been the presumption that he would be planning a flight plan for his partner, for which I would have persuaded the sergeant to participate Luis Armando Monsalve Was, custodian of this intelligence center, that when discovered he was arrested, tortured and in the context of a sordid fact that is not clearly established he would have committed suicide launch of the third floor of the DGCIM building in Boleíta, Caracas, on May 14.

Some comrades-in-arms Rodríguez Torres, who participated on February 4, 1992, assures that those who participated in these military attacks were never treated by previous governments as cruelly as the Bolivarian revolution did. .

Now they know they have cleared the way for a monster who does not respect the human rights of those who disagree with power.


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