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The Federal Reserve just printed more money than the market capitalization of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin (BTC) supporters have heard of a sudden alarm that the Federal Reserve of the United States has printed money that represents the most of its full market capitalization in money this month.

El balance general federal approaches USD 4Q

As you indicate the 21th of October the expert on social networks, Dennis parker, since mid-September the Federal Reserve has entered USD 210,000 million into the economy.

Part of its recently revitalized Quantitative Expansion (QE) strategy, the measure strengthens the total market capitalization of Bitcoin, which stands at USD 148,000 million.

What refers to the purchase of state bonds with the purpose of providing an economic stimulus. The general balance of the Federal Reserve indicates Parker, jumping from USD 3.77 billion and the month past USD 3.97 billion. Formerly it had been higher, but the Federal Reserve's own projects required a general balance of USD 4.7 billion for 2025.

World sleepwalking was the next financial crisis

For asset owners who cannot inflate the offer, such as gold and Bitcoin, money has been regularly called to reduce dependence on fiduciary money.

Parker's suggestion that inverters should buy BTCs now is produced through warnings including the fiduciary establishment of the banking system.

In a speech delivered at the General Meeting of the International Monetary Fund last week, Bank of England Governor Mervyn King told those in attendance that the world was "sleepwalking" in a financial crisis over 2008.

"Already adhering to our new orthodoxy of monetary policy and claiming that we have secured the banking system, we are heading for the crisis," he said.

The concept that interventionist economic practices by governments and central banks lead to financial destruction constitutes one of the central principles of "The Bitcoin Standard" by Saifedean Ammous.

Published March 2018, the book focuses on Bitcoin in comparison with the trust monies and other good as the gold.

As indicated by the Cointelegraph, at the age of ten years, Bitcoin has lasted 40% of the average fiduciary life span.

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