The duration of Microsoft's E3 2019 will remain the same as ever


We're already in April. We've left behind 3 months of super powerful releases of which some will surely hit the GOTY charts this year. But the year did nothing more than start and Microsoft still has a lot to say with its E3 2019. And that's just over two months ago to see again what we keep Phil Spencer and company. But what will be the duration of Microsoft's E3 in 2019?

While there have been rumors that spoke of 7 hours long – something unimaginable – the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, was the one who clarified this in Twitter, it means that you usually use it for these needs, especially when you are traveling, as it happens this week, that visit Japan and Korea in search of new games and studies.

The duration of Microsoft E3 will be around the usual 90 minutes

Minute up or minute down, it looks like Microsoft's E3 conference in 2019 will last roughly the same as we're used to. Usually it's been 90 minutes. It's an hour and a half of the show in which we have lately been able to see a succession of games, trailers and news that leave fans exceptionally satisfied but always wanting more.

This year we will probably have the visit of Xbox Scarlett, which Spencer himself timidly revealed at E3 2018, so there will be a space dedicated to the hype with what will arrive in 2020, the estimated date of departure. But most importantly, finally, many of the new Microsoft First Party studios will have the opportunity to show: What will be the new Ninja Theory? We do not know anything since the launch of Hellblade for PS4 in 2017, what exclusive do you prepare for Microsoft? Will the expected Fable from Playground finally be introduced? Will we have a definite date for the Halo Infinite? Many doubts, but what we know for sure is that Gears 5 will be ahead of what they present and seems to be very large.


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