The best moments of Lyanna Mormont, our ever-small giant – Game of Thrones – is the time for Spoiler!


She went Lady Lyanna Mormontleader of Bears Island, that since he came to Game of Thrones in the sixth season he did nothing but fall in love: his first appearance was in The broken man (S06E07) and he made his force very clear, that he would fight with everyone. We knew she could die in the Battle of Winterfell, and so it was. In The long night (S08E03) we watched his death, which despite making us cry inconsolably, left us with a sweet taste in the mouth: the smallest warrior went away in the best way and having, defeating a non-living giant.

In homage to ours forever Lady Osita, here we remember her best moments, the same ones that made us love her, cheer her up, applaud her standing up. Thank you very much!


1 Lyanna did not hesitate to reject Stannis Baratheon's request when she demanded the support of the Northerners: she made it clear that she would not swear allegiance and that her house, The Mormont House, would not bend her knee to anyone but a Stark.

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2 Girl What's up! He was not afraid to challenge Jon Snow and Sansa by questioning his loyalty to the North. It was thanks to Davos that he offered his army.

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3 We will never forget the look Lyanna gave Ramsay before the Battle of the Bastards, when Bolton assured him that he would forgive the betrayal of the Houses of the North.

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4 He pointed out the Northern Houses that rejected Jon and Sansa's call to arms. The Manderly, the Glovers, and the Cerwyns made it clear that it did not matter if Jon was a bastard or not: in his veins ran and Stark's blood ran.

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5 He proclaimed Jon as the new king in the north. We cry for joy!

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6 Before the Battle of Winterfell, Lady Lyanna says that on Bear Island all those over 10 years of age train for combat regardless of sex. She added: she would not weave while men would fight to defend her. We loved how he silenced everyone!

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7 He did not fear Jon when he gave his opinion about Winterfell's abandonment to seek help from Daenerys Targaryen in Dragonstone.

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8 Nor did he press his wrist to interrogate Jon again when he abdicated his place as king of the North yielding to Daenerys.

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9 We will NEVER forget when Jora, his cousin, begged him not to participate in the battle; if it fell, the Mormon House would be extinguished. But Lyanna did not mind: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for her to stand idly by!

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10 We watched her fight like never before, without fearing any of the Wights that crossed the walls of Winterfell, leaving everything on the battlefield.

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11 Our Lady Osita, single and immense, fought until the last moment; He did not hesitate to confront Giant Wight, even if it had taken his life … AND DEFICITED IT! Why, yes: Lady Lyanna Mormont always showed what it was, a SMALL GIANT. 🙂

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