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Tell him no! Fight the cold with these tips


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(Caracas, June 21. News24) .- All at some point, even if we do not want to have a cold, but if you already have it fight it with these three tips so you do not continue with these discomforts.

1. Eat zinc.

Consuming it, either in pill or syrup, during the first day symptoms occur can reduce both severity and duration of cold. Taking a supplement regularly can help prevent it.

2. Tranquility

When you are under stress, your immune system is lower and vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections, says Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, an in-house physician and former president of the American College of Physicians. Therefore, researchers at the University of Wisconsin have discovered that meditation reduces the incidence, duration, and severity of a cold by 35-60%.

3. Gargle.

With water several times a day during the cold season and the flu can also help eliminate the discomfort.

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