Swedish journalist tells AN that she has been threatened by collectives


February 27, 2019, 05:27
Updated February 27, 2019 17:28

Swedish-born journalist Annika Rothstein narrated her border experience on Wednesday as humanitarian aid entered the country. The statements were offered at the National Assembly session.

"My story began four weeks ago, telling the situation that Venezuela is experiencing." On February 23, I went from Caracas to Táchira because I wanted to see the arrival of the humanitarian aid on the border, when my team and I arrived in San Antonio, all the roads were blocked, we decided to take "green roads" to the border, "he said.

Rothstein said that a group of armed groups gave him five seconds to flee the place, otherwise they would kill her. "The groups shouted to us that we had five seconds before we died," the journalist said during her speech at the National Assembly.

Rothstein indicated that when the collectives realized he was a journalist, they tried to rip off his bulletproof vest and beat him.

"They took everything from me: my camera, computer, phone, clothes and everything we had in the car, even gas," he said.


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