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Exclusive video games and messaging, joining with other apps, original smart phone series: Snapchat, a popular social network for teenagers, launched a number of innovations on Thursday to try to differentiate itself from competitors and ultimately make money.

Snapchat was born in 2011 for the desire to let friends talk "but friendship is more than the messages we share, it's also the experiences we share," hence the idea of ​​developing multi-competitor video games for smartphones, said Will Wu, manager of the company's products.

The six games made for Snapchat, including "Bitmoji Party", "Alphabear Hustle" – a quick word game – and "Zombie Rescue Squad" – about rescuing survivors in a zombie apocalypse – will be part of a global gaming industry which reported revenues of $ 77 billion last year, he said.

These games allow several people, friends in contact applications, to play in real-time while exchanging voice or text messages.

"We wanted to create something that made us feel like we were playing a board game with the family during a long holiday, something that made us feel like we were sitting with friends with drivers in hand," he explained. Wu

"Unfortunately, these games are hard to find on mobile devices … it's hard to make everyone install the same game and it's hard to talk."

For example, "Bitmoji Party", developed internally by the Snap subsidiary and very inspired by Nintendo's "Wii Party", features "bitmoji", some of the small 3D characters that are supposed to be the user's image, one of the trademarks of Snapchat.

External developers of these games can make money from video ads.

In an attempt to enrich its content and expand its network, Snapchat also announced that it was joining outside developers who could integrate Snapchat features into their applications.

For example, a Netflix subscriber can directly post a Snapchat message about a favorite series, and users of the Tinder mobile dating application, meanwhile, can post their "history" on Snapchat to their profile.

Snapchat said it also plans to expand its new original series – three to five minutes each – to the messaging application launched in October.

Source: AFP

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