Skies Unknown prepares for its launch with this amazing advance


After more delays and a cinematic breakthrough that reminded us of how epic his saga is, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is gearing up to take off on PCs and consoles with its launch trailer. One that does not save on explosiveness, but that also reminds us that there is a very elaborate background context.

Bandai Namco brings back muscle from the aerial combat experience we will see later this week. The keys? The imminent collision between two nations that will be solved in intense aerial combat and the promise of an unpolished technical section.

In fact, and as we will see in the trailer, realism does not remain in aircraft models, but in how the weather will affect our performance in the air.

To which must be added that, together with the use of Virtual Reality, one of the most interesting points of this delivery will be your multiplayer proposal, which includes a mode Battle Royale. Of course!

Finally, Bandai namco has offered along these days advances with some of the aircraft that will be available in the game.

Once more, Ace Combat combines futuristic prototypes and designs with real-world aircrafts recreated in detail – both on the outside and in the cabins – thanks to the Unreal Engine. Here you can see three examples of what you will find in the heavens.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown I have been begging, but definitely want to get loaded with content and sit chair within the increasingly recurring aerial combat in the games. And you have what it takes to get it.

Become an aviation ace and fly through photorealistic skies with 360 degrees of movement, destroy enemy planes and enjoy the excitement of realistic takeoffs! Aerial combat has never been better!

For now, Ace Combat 7 will be available from January 18 on Xbox One and PS4, coming to Steam from February 1, with extra aircraft as a backup incentive in all cases.


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