Shazam confirms Black Adam's character on DCEU


The next movie we are going to see from DCEU will be & # 39; Shazam & # 39; and will bring many surprises such as the existence of & # 39; Black Adam & # 39;.

& Quot; Aquaman & quot; It's been a tremendous success at the box office and Warner is still working to bring more DC Comics characters to the big screen. The next will be & # 39; Shazam & # 39;, which will have a much more fun and youthful tone. Although the movie villain is the Dr. Thaddeus Sivana played by Mark Strongprobably will not appear Black Adam, although this does not mean that they have confirmed their existence in the DCEU.

The film is inspired by the comics of Geoff Johns & # 39; Shazam of 2011, therefore Black Adam It has to be a very important part of the story. In the images shown so far you can see the impact of this character and therefore its existence.

If we take the trailer of & # 39; Shazam & # 39; as a reference, we can see a majestic room (The Rock of Eternity) in low light where the protagonist Billy Batson (Asher Angel) learns the story of the magician and the Council of Eternity.

Shazam confirms Black Adam's character on DCEU

An empty room. An empty ring of thrones. And an old magician, weak and desperate.

A magician who has no choice but to choose his final champion: a divine hero made of a daily human being to carry his power. And most importantly, face the previous champion, who has ruined the entire Council of Eternity. And as comic fans know perfectly well, this former champion is Black Adam.

Will we see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in the movie?

Unfortunately we will not see this character in & # 39; Shazam & # 39;, although they mention it, they reserve it for future deliveries. The actor Dwayne Johnson always wanted to interpret this role, it was even speculated that we would see Suicide Squad 2. But how James Gunn He assumed the plans of the project have completely changed.

You also have to remember that there have been rewrites recently, but there is no news that Dwayne Johnson being in the project. If they have managed to keep it a secret, it will be one of the great surprises of the year. We can check it out. April 5th when it opens

So for now, we will have to be content with references from Black Adam in & # 39; Shazam & # 39; and we'll have to wait to see the mighty villain in the DCEU.


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