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Sebastián Rulli Angelique Boyer: Cecilia Galliano talks about her relationship with her ex-husband | Shows

Aunque no lo crean, Sebastián Rulli had contracted nuptials with Cecilia Galliano in Argentina. They had a time with me. In the present time, the actor keeps a long romance with the Mexican Angelique Boyer and always has a good time in social networks.

Nonetheless, her ex-wife has been talking about what she was married to. In an interview I have with Lourdes Stephen, the Dominican television presenter, for her Youtube channel, sharing her marriage life.

PUEDES SEE Cecilia Galliano, ex of Sebastián Rulli, impacts with message to Angelique Boyer [VIDEO]

“I think we wanted to go, but if not we were the one for the other”, comments Cecilia Galliano. With all the maturity that characterizes them, the confident Argentine model that will last for four years and its relationship ended in good terms.

“Better yet, I have so much more but I would balance much more than give you time. Give it time to you, the children are not at all, ”comments how he blamed the blame.

After it, I hope that working the whole day was also the cause of their separation. Now, for 38 years, I suppose I know how to know about it: “We know each other without being on television and growing up together. I found Sebastian normal and suddenly we were an Aphrodite and Sebastián Rulli in a city that could distract you, you could change what you might think you are not ”.

The fruit of this love that was born Santiago, which now has new years. Maintaining solo contact by him and his followers says he is a very mature person ally with his ex.

Do you know this Angelique Boyer?

Sebastián Rulli's current pair is so much so that it seems that his relationship seems to be coming from aft. The actress knows that she has to keep in touch with her and his mother so that the family is not destroyed.

Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer

Currently both are going through a good time and they do not seem to opaque their happiness.

Does Sebastián Rulli reveal Angelique Boyer's embarazo? Actor sorprende with ad

Hace poco, the Argentine interpreter of 44 years old I shared through his Instagram official cuenta a photo where he appears and his beloved. However, what I called the attention was the text that appeared on the actress shirt: "Mother of Dragons" in Spanish "Mamma of Dragones", referring to a personage of the successful series "Game of thrones".

Angelique Boyer

Ello de ello, Sebastián Rulli has not been forced to receive constant messages to corroborate whether he is among his plans and to become a priest for a second time with the French-Mexican actress Angelique Boyer.

Sebastián Rulli engages Angelique Boyer with Irina Baeva, second Mexican midfielder

The relationship of Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer could get to the root of a presumption of infidelity with the interpreter Irina Baeva. Before the terrible comments that came to light in all the Mexican mediums, the Argentine 44 years old broke his silence and talked about it, weeping his millions of admirers.

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