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Video games platform has announced that it is developing a new project called Lightnite, a multiplayer real battle adventure where participants can receive rewards or penalties in bitcoins. So I announced the company this Saturday during the development of The Lightning Conference in Berlín, Germany.

Lightnite was designed in battle royale style and cuenta with game modes: integrated with bitcoin and not integrated with bitcoin. In the first game you can carry your balance through transactions using Lightning Network to buy or buy items.

It is important to clarify that this is not a "pay to play" way, which refers to the refilling of fondos, said Federico Spitaleri, co-founder of, through a statement in Medium. In the second mode of play the participants accumulate points and no bitcoins. Players who prefer this mode will also be able to purchase implements in the tent using national coins.

The players win the Pierden Bitcoins if they take down their rivals or receive shots respectively. Source: Federico Spitaleri en Medium

Those players who accumulate bitcoins and want to leave the battle will be able to withdraw their balance directly to their monks. The number of bitcoins of each participant is incremented to shoot correctly to other players or the collection of valuable objects.

Distribution of games

Spitaleri points out that once the game is completely developed it will be available on distribution platforms like Steam,, Play Station and Elixir. The latter also formed part of them announcements made by The company based in Spain has revealed that Elixir will be a new option for Independent developers can distribute their games.

“[Elixir] provides herramient independent developers (@APItoshi and Unity sdk) to integrate Bitcoin micro transactions through the Lightning Network ”, señaló the company.

The engine behind Lightnite is the Lightning Network is a second-layer solution over Bitcoin that allows instant cased transactions across channels between peers. By now, the only requirement for playing Lightnite is to count on a character like Bluewallet that supports transactions of this type to send and receive bitcoins.

Due to the fact that the game is in the development phase, enables a Collaborative Reclamation Campaign to Adelantar the Project Anyone who is enthusiastic about video games, bitcoin or Lightning Network can bring fondos.

Over there startup ya have other games, like Super Bro, which integrate bitcoins into their modes of play. has moved into the past month of February on Lightning Network's main network as a way to boost its adoption through online gaming, one of the leading digital entertainment industries on a global scale.

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