Sassy! Danilo Carrera is compared to Irina Baeva and he explores


The Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera was included in the list of Fired, that drivers of The fat and the leanand this lists the women who play married men.

The peculiar list, which until now had included only pure women, was adorned by the first men. This, after Carrera confessed his romance Michelle Renaud, who fell in love in 2017, in the recording of the telenovela Daughters of the Moon, when the actress was still married.

Lilia Estefan and Raúl de Molina They did not hesitate to include the handsome actor on the list, after the skinny asked during the show:

"What do we say without shame and without shame?"

For what Molina said in a more pleasant tone, but without any doubt:

"Brazen Danilo We Want You Alike"

The Sassy list is led by Irina Baeva, the current pair of Gabriel Sotoand with whom the presenters found many similarities with Renaud and Carrera.

The comparison between the two Couples this happened because Michelle, protagonist of The queen is me She was married when rumors began that there was something between her and the Ecuadorian actor. But, just as Soto denied Baeva, the Mexican actress denied any relationship with Danilo.

However, this new couple had no choice but to be discovered by a paparazzi and they had to make their relationship public, something that curiously resembles what happened to Gabriel and Irina.

Through a messagethat came to him The fat and the lean, Danilo Carrera explained the situation:

We have been friends for a long time and the only truth is that recently we are giving ourselves the opportunity to meet as a couple, I think the only thing I can say now is that we are in love.

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