Reporter becomes viral for his nervousness in front of Daddy Yankee (VIDEO)


A young reporter is the protagonist of the new viral that spreads on social networks when she can not control her nerves during her interview with urban music singer Daddy Yankee.

The famous reggaeton was honored in the first edition of the awards & Quot; Your music & # 39;, so the official reporter at the event did not hesitate to interview him. However, it was the hilarious expressions that the reporter caught the attention of the users.

"I'm trying my best to contain myself, the nerves are activated. By my side, it's not just one of the original … OMG! There's Dad Yankee, OMG!"said the young woman in the midst of some stuttering.

The nervousness of the young reporter was so evident that it caused some laughter in the Puerto Rican singer. Even Daddy Yankee gave his support to the girl to reassure her.

"Here we are supporting you, my queen, are you really starting?"asked the interpreter & Quot; Calmly & # 39; generating more excitement in the reporter.

The video that was released through the Facebook page of the awards & Quot; Your music & # 39; already has more than 340 thousand reproductions.


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