Renny Ottolina is back


June 20, 2019 05:45 AM

It's 2019 and the yearning for another Venezuela is sharp.

Well, too, a journey into the past to remember better days and great characters.

Renny gift, which runs from today until Sunday at the BOD Cultural Center, will take audiences to a live show by what was known as "Number 1 of Venezuelan Television," Renny Ottolina. Directs Juan Carlos Ogando and star Daniel Jimenez, who has an undeniable physical resemblance to his character.

An assembly that took Juan Carlos Ogando for two months. "This experience began when we saw Daniel Jiménez in a job that was called The last show, a tribute to Ottolina at Micro Theater. For Jorgita Rodríguez (producer) and I loved the idea and saw the opportunity to take Renny to the theater. I was the creator of the staging: a live show with all the elements of a television set, commercials, dancers and special guests. "

The concept of work is to remember on stage Renny presents, the television program of the 1970s. "We first looked at the material, Daniel did an excellent research from the beginning to the day of his death, what we did was organize the text. of Renny, "Ogando said.
In this opportunity, Jiménez highlights the time it will take to develop the character on stage. "At the Micro Theater, Renny's last show (1973) was condensed into 15 minutes." People were very motivated, and in reality, this new job is to satisfy the requests of people who have asked for a longer journey through Renny's life. what we will see on stage. "

Jimenez says that it was an arduous process of investigation that he undertook to enter into the skin of the presenter and also political. "I went to the National Library, to the Central University of Venezuela, I checked the archive of Bolivar Films, I consulted magazines, newspaper articles, videos, deepening the character was a very personal process that took me at least eight months. "I was inspired by his wisdom and the idea of ​​rescuing his lucidity in those times," explained Jiménez.

About the characterization process, the actor admitted that it was a challenge because he felt he had to meet the expectations of many people. "He is a man who, despite having died 41 years ago, remains present in the lives of Venezuelans through digitized memories.I concentrated on the way he formulated, how he flexed, paused, in the tone of voice, I detailed all his physical gestures: how he moved, walked, smoked, how to fix his glasses. I researched and learned a lot. "

This work is a flashback of the 1970s: "Angelica Escalona was responsible for performing the choreography of Renny Girls, which was a key element of the program. She got these girls to adapt humor of the work. We have the first Mirla Castellanos as special guest, because she knew Renny very well and participated many times in the program, "added Ogando.

The text of the paper, says the director, is very pedagogical. "They will rediscover Renny's vision of a possible society. Although it may not seem like it, it's easy to rebuild the society we want, we deserve it and we can have it because it's part of us."

Jimenez believes that if Renny Ottolina lived, he would have seen with great sadness what Venezuela has become. "He would have died if he saw how the country went wrong, he saw a positive country of progress until the last moment, I think that country still exists, but we have to overcome barbarism." Renny would be very upset and sad. it's Venezuela that I would have wanted. "

Juan Carlos Ogando says that he proposed to excite the audience with this montage. Show that decent country that Venezuela can be again. "Because we have wonderful people and a past to learn from. This show is sincere, it maintains the essence of what Renny presented daily: news, common sense, his dancers, special guests; Renny presents they will be there on the boards, "added Ogando.

Daniel Jimenez hopes the younger generation will know that Renny Ottolina was a pioneer. "Every journalist, radio broadcaster, or close to the media should know that it paved the way for the modernization of television, radio and advertising – it was, and is, number one because there was no one sitting in that chair like that. to know the values, as Diego Arroyo did with Sofía Ímber.We must rescue, capture and remember our values, our characters. "

He added: "Venezuela forgets its great characters, it only deals with those who are in fashion, and when they perish, they also disappear from the collective memory, you have to bring them back."

Renny present

BOD Cultural Center

Thursday and Friday, 7:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 5:00 p.m.

Entry: from 34,800 bolivars


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