Protests and barricades, then the night continues in El Valle


March 31, 2019 08:34
Updated March 31, 2019 22:09

Neighbors of the El Valle parish in Caracas protest Sunday night against the inefficiency of the state in restoring public services (electricity and water).

"If we're going to die, let's fight and not because we're starving," one of the protesters shouted.

Citizens placed barricades and illuminated objects in the middle of the road. "We are already tired of lies: 20 years of lies, our children are dying, people are awake, we have to end it, we have the power in our hands," said another citizen.

People listen to pots and shout slogans against Nicolas Maduro.

Some unofficial reports report that protesters in El Valle burned two vehicles.

This Sunday there were several protests in the country in rejection of the constant electrical failures of the last days. Social networking users reported a strong presence of armed groups.


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