Private schools sanctioned for teaching during blackouts


April 1, 2019 9:30 p.m.
Updated April 1, 2019 22:33

A private school in Caracas was closed on Monday for teaching its students despite the suspension of activities announced by Jorge Rodríguez due to the power outages that affected the country.

Parents and student representatives from the institution reported The national that the school was closed to offer students the possibility to present their assessments, keeping the suspension of classes and work activities throughout the country for alleged sabotage at the Guri hydroelectric power plant.

In social networks a document was published in which the school explains the "guidelines emanating from Educational Supervision" with reference to the permanence of 47 students in the institution.

Other schools in Caracas were also affected by the teaching of their students, in order not to delay the school year. The Los Campitos, Jefferson, Andes and El Peñón schools were fined for opening their facilities to students.

In March, classes were suspended for 11 days due to major power outages that caused shortages of water and transportation problems. The National Association of Private Education Institutions (Andiep) said that 35% of its institutions remain open. He also emphasized that it is necessary to allow schools that have basic services to function.

Fausto Romeo, president of Andiep, assured Chronicle Uno that some schools were working without the required uniform, making evaluations or signing assistance.

Nicolás Maduro said on Monday that classes will be resumed on April 3 and that they will prepare a plan to resume activities.


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