Monday , June 14 2021

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O exchange rate closed on Thursday, so the dollar ended at least more than three months prior to the sale of bank currencies due to the maturity of future contracts and the purchase of company soles for the payment of their taxes.

O dollar price It fell 0.18% to S / 3.326 at the interbank price, its lowest level since S / 0.325 on October 5, compared to S / 0.332 at the close on Wednesday, with trades totaling $ 637 million.

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So far this year, the american currency accumulated 1.28% decrease compared to the increase of 4.05% in 2018.

In the early hours of the morning, the exchange rate rose to S / 3,338 due to demand dollars of foreign investors who focus their attention on the US-China negotiations, the lack of consensus on Brexit and the partial closure of the US government.

Subsequently, the dollar dropped to S / 3,324 due to an offer of foreign currency to companies,AFP) and a reduction of the dollar positions of banks before the maturity of futures contracts.

At the global level, dollar It was 0.03% higher against a basket of currencies after a report showed a drop in unemployment rates in the United States last week.

In the informal market, exchange rate It traded in S / 3,339 on sale against the S / 3,340 on Wednesday.

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