Players who have had a worse start than Chris Davis | Al bat


There is no doubt that Chris Davis's downfall was historic but the player was able to take out malaria with several consecutive beating hits and good performances. However, because of how bad and historic this streak was, we went through several players who are stellar at similar or worse falls than Davis had in his day.

Let's start with Mikie Mahtook of the Detroit Tigers and Socrates Brito of the Toronto Blue Jays who have not been hit so far this season and both have an average of 0.000. Brito is unbeaten in 23 live games, while Mahtook makes 25 appearances to no avail.

From there comes the 27-year-old Cleveland Indians rookie Eric Statmets, who has only two imps in 41 batters, with 24 strikeouts in that period. Its average is currently at .49.

Finally there is AL MVP candidate last season, Jose Ramirez, who is no longer All-Star, Silver Bate and the third in the MVP voting to be hitting .145 with only 10 hits. in 69 turns.}

To put it in context, Davis started the season 41-0, and now has an average of 089 with 4 hits in the season, with a home run with 8 RBIs.


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