"Ontas": the new viral challenge that baffles celebrities – Social networks


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In recent days, some social networking users – especially from Mexico – have begun to populate the mailboxes of famous people with the word "issues"However, most do not understand this and asked their followers what this means?

Although the "challenge" is not new on the internet, famous people have recently begun to ask what it means, with Lily Collins and Selena Gomez viralizing it.

According to social networks, "ontas" simply means where you are, but for others it has a more romantic and / or sexual meaning, giving as a proposal to have a meeting, since the more daring came to respond "I paid to you uber, "which would accept this romantic proposal.

The singer Paty Cantu explained on Twitter: it's the new Tinder.

And as is the internet, after so many questions, the memes came up:



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