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Dash Text is inspired by a service that allows BCH to be transferred through text messages called CoinText, as well as other payment systems based on Venezuelan text messages and cryptographic companies that have also launched their own SMS transfer services. as Blockstream recently did.

The purse operates through just 5-digit shortcode text messaging – a messenger-voting service – that processes sending or withdrawing cryptocourses quickly, according to the company.

The company claims that it does not keep users' private keys – which are generated from the user's phone number – but do not claim that they will be provided to customers.

In addition, while the Dash team ensures that all transfers and exchange services are private, we must also take into account that users must register all your personal data on the operator's platform to have this phone number, which is closely related to the stock exchange and its operation, since without it no seed is generated, much less transactions can be made.

The main objective of this valley is to offer a service that does not depend on the use of the Internet, since in Venezuela a large part of the population does not have Internet access or has problems with the electric power supply in their residential areas. In addition, the wallet is designed for those who do not have smart phones, they say on their website.

At the moment, Dash Text only works with the telecommunications company Movistar, but has plans for the future so that its services are processed equally by Digitel and Movilnet, companies that also provide telephone services in Venezuela.

Likewise, among his future plans, he points out that the scholarship began offering its services to companies throughout Venezuela. A campaign that aims to offer scholarship users the possibility to purchase goods and services through transfers with instant messaging and send remittances.

The panel team went for a period of one month working on the beta version of the bag, which could be tested by Dash customers. The project was proposed for the cryptomeo treasury a few months ago and was subsequently approved by the organization under the name "Dash-Text-SMS-Wallets"

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