New York Yankees sign Logan Morrison


Morrison has also been given a choice on July 1 and, if not called up for the major leagues, may be asked to withdraw, an option similar to that of Gio Gonzalez.

CBSSPORTS.- O New York Yankees signed on Friday the first veteran baseman Logan Morrison, in a minor agreement, in accordance with

Morrison will have to prove himself before receiving the call to the Big leagues, but it will be very interesting if you finish at the club in New York. When Morrison did not receive an invitation to the Home Run Derby 2017, he took his frustration out of Gary Sanchez .

"Gary should not be here," Morrison said. "Gary is a great player, but he should not be in the Home Run Derby, I remember when I was 14 homers, that was a month and a half ago."

At that time, Morrison had 24 homers and 13 Sanchez.

Sanchez wasted no energy in fueling Morrison's bitterness and said the following in response: "They (MLB) gave me an invitation. This is something I have no control over. the player Gary.

Morrison, 31, played 95 games in the Minnesota Twins last year, shedding 0.186 / .276 / .368 with 15 homers and 39 RBIs before going through season-ending surgery to mend a torn lip to his left hip last August .


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