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Samsung Galaxy S10: 12GB of RAM, ceramic finish and fingerprint sensor on screen

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S10 + surf at a good pace over the net, less than a month for the official presentation of the top of the South Korean giant. To date, we had relatively clear that, if the filtered information is met, we would find three versions of the same, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, as well as design lines with which would count, which we had seen in previous generations.

GSMarena claims to have information obtained from an anonymous informant who sheds some light on the variants that will feature the new Galaxy S family. Their data would enter into confrontation with everything we know until now thanks to the work of different leakers, since he tells us that there will be no Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy S10. As for the flagship model, the information comes to the storage RAM and ROM, which would reach figures never seen in a Galaxy terminal.

Without Lite family, a loaded version of storage would be protagonist

This will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

According to internal GSMarena sources, there will be no Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Instead, we would find a reduced version of the main model differentiated only by the size of the screen. The configuration of the memories would not be far from the Samsung Galaxy S10 "base", as well as the processor and other internal elements. So, the newest model and that would highlight this year would be the most expensive model of the Galaxy S10 +, which would have a storage of up to 1 TB UFS – 3.0? – and with 12 GB of RAM. Amounts of memory that would raise the price of the terminal well above 1,000 euros, and that would show Samsung's intentions to compete in the higher range more premium.

They seem to confirm some of the information already known, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 + 6.4 inches, its three rear cameras, and its double front camera. The Samsung Galaxy S10 would have a single front camera, and with a screen of 5.8 inches. The resolution of both devices would equal – or surpass – the QHD +, being the Samsung panels aspiring to the best screen of 2019, until the arrival of the new iPhone and its own generation.

Some information that collide with some data seen until today

Samsung Galaxy S10, official launch date

The information provided by the GSMarena informant would be in conflict with the information leakers, which seemed to be quite clear that the Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + would eventually materialize. A few weeks ago, we informed you about a supposed Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite filtered in Geekbench, with a slightly higher power than the Samsung Galaxy S8, but below what is expected of their older siblings.

As always, the data must be taken with caution and distance, waiting for Samsung to make official the alleged three models in its Unpacked event. Rarely has the Galaxy generation raised the hype until this point, leaving us with serious doubts about what they are going to present or not.

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