New prisons registered in Venezuela, after Bachelet's visit


A non-governmental group and a relative reported Saturday that two retired soldiers were captured and demanded concrete results from the recent visit to the country by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet.

Bachelet was from Wednesday to Friday in Caracas, where he met separately with President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó, urging Venezuelan authorities to "free all those detained or deprived of their liberty." for the exercise of their civil and political rights. "

Alfredo Romero, director of the Criminal Forum, a non-governmental organization that defends detainees, said on Saturday that there had been reports of arrests: retired military officers Francisco Torres Escalona and Miguel Castillo Cedeño, both former aerospace workers.

Mary Rivero de Torres, Francisco's wife, told a news conference that her husband was handcuffed and his face was covered Friday afternoon by two men who drove him from his apartment in the west of the city.

Relatives of Castillo denounced on social networks on Friday that the man was also taken from his mother's house in Caracas on Friday by armed and hooded men who did not know the official's whereabouts.

According to the Criminal Forum, almost 700 people are detained in the country for political reasons, about 100 of them are military.

Neither the Ministry of Communication nor the Public Prosecutor's Office responded immediately to requests for comments on allegations of further arrests.


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