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Neonatal herpes and the & quot; death kiss & quot; that endanger the life of baby Noah in England | Photo 1 of 3 | World

In England, a baby called Noahson of British Asheligh White, was a victim of herpes simplex type 1 (HSV1), a contagious virus that caused him to become seriously ill.

As reported by BBC World, it is the same virus that causes cold sores in adults and it appears as blisters that cause burning and itching but that disappear within a week.

However, in babies this virus can cause permanent neurological disability and even cause death.

If a person infected with the virus has an ulcer in their mouth and kisses a child, it can infect and develop the disease. It turns out that the immune system of the small is not sufficiently developed to be able to face this type of virus.

This form of transmission is known as the "kiss of death."

The mother said the virus "almost killed" her son. "His eyes began to swell and form a small scab and, a few days later, blisters appeared," recalled Asheligh White's mother on BBC World.

According to the parent, the virus was detected early before developing as a systemic disease that would "affect all of your vital organs."

There was even a time when they thought the boy would be blinded by the blisters in his eyes.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), neonatal herpes is considered a rare disease that occurs in 10 of every 100 thousand born in the world.

Liz Bragg, a pediatrician and member of the Health Council of the University of Cardiff and Vale, said that once you catch the virus, you will have forever.

After being infected, it remains latent in the peripheral nervous system and will be activated when there are periods of stress.

He advised parents not to go with the baby to places where they are full of people or to pass it from hand to hand to avoid the contagion.

Noah remained at Sheffiel Children's Hospital in northern England for two and a half months. There he received antivirals for two weeks.

To this it is added that he had to take the same antivirals for a period of 6 months as a preventive measure.


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