Neighbors of the Towers of El Saladillo denounced abuses


Residents of the Torres de El Saladillo reported on the visit to PANORAMA the devastation committed in that residential complex by police officers and denied that it was the residents who have taken hostage two officials of the Government of Zulia last 24 of January.

"We do not agree with saying that we kidnapped two officials here and that we wanted to burn them alive, that's completely false," said Dario Márquez, an 81-year-old resident.

In addition, Márquez reported that civilian dressed men entered the residential area wearing bulletproof vests and small arms, in order to persecute "a group of boys" who were demonstrating.

He said that as a result of the persecution, officials "uprooted three panels of the elevators that work in the blue tower, together with all the wiring" and "knocked down the gates" to access the residential complex in which more than 800 families.

This, said the older adult, has only harmed the lives of those who live there, relegating them only to the option of going up and down the stairs, even in cases of neighbors in which the advanced age or certain disabilities complicate.

"The other owners of the apartments are not to blame for there being Protestants or guarimberos who enter the towers to escape the tear gas," said the octogenarian, who assured that the gases of the bombs that the officials of diverse security bodies have been throwing to the Towers of El Saladillo are damaging the health of the inhabitants, with special effect on those adults and those who present respiratory problems.


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