National crime rate was reduced by 28.4%


Caracas.- The national crime rate is concentrated at 53.1% in six states, according to Interior Minister Justice and Peace Néstor Reverol, who highlighted a 28.4% the fee of insecurity in the whole territory compared to the year 2017.

In a press conference of the ministry he represents, the head of the entity pointed out that the crimes are concentrated in the states Miranda, Carabobo, Anzoátegui, Aragua, Lara and the Capital District. In turn IIt was reported that 89.5% of the kidnappings are carried out in the states of Miranda, Aragua and in the capital.

He also pointed out a decrease in the number of victims of homicide and kidnapping, reaching a percentage of 27.7% and 38.3%, respectively.

The minister said that "they stopped committing (in the whole national territory) 45 thousand 310 crimes and 3 thousand 703 homicides", besides four 40 thousand vehicle thefts and 16 thousand 320 robberies in general, compared to the year 2017.

Miranda, the most insecure state

According to Reverol, the state of Miranda continues to be the main entity with the highest crime rate, remembering that in previous years the entity "occupied 20% of the criminal incidence of the entire national territory, today, in week 47 (…) occupy 12.5%, and continues to fall. "

The head of the entity said that this fall is due to "public policies that they are and the commitment of regional and local leaders to engage in all safety citizen ".

He also said that Miranda state has reduced the homicide and kidnapping rates by 42.9% and 45.7%, respectively.

Anti-drug operations

Reverol also provided a report on anti-drug operations, where it announced that 37,265 kilograms of different drugs were seized and 321,000 kilograms of chemicals were seized. In turn, it counted on the dismantling of 19 laboratories dedicated to this practice.

He reported that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) carried out the operation last weekend called "lightning 3" on the border with Colombia, in Zulia, where the seizure of three thousand 250 kilos of cocaine in 320 bags was reached, and the robbery of eight thousand 230 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride and four thousand 121 kilos of coca paste.

Seizure of weapons

The Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace said that a total of 1,919 weapons and 34,319 ammunition delivered voluntarily were registered, noting that 495,817 firearms had been destroyed since 2003.


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