Mobile phones that will get Android Q (probably)


April 17, 2019

We do not have the faintest idea of ​​the name chosen by Google to baptize this version. And we are probably not aware of many of the news that will include the final issue. However, we've been testing Android Q for some time, which is already underway for the second beta, and we even have a clear idea of ​​the devices that will receive the update.

Mobile phones that will get Android Q (probably)
Mobile phones that will get Android Q (probably)

By analyzing the history and promises of most companies, it is possible to list the most likely brand models, and unless there are late-breaking issues, they will be upgraded to Android Q throughout 2019. It was exactly That's what we did.

Mobile phones that will be upgraded to Android Q in 2019: the complete list

The arrival of the final version of Android Q, according to the official calendar of updates, is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019. If we stick to Google's plans in relation to the release of previous versions, it is very likely that the update will be released for the whole month of August.

From something before that moment, Google's partner manufacturers already have the final version of the new version, so they can work with some progress in adapting the operating system to their phones and release the update as soon as possible. But not everyone does that.

Full list of: 18 mobile phones that (probably) will receive Android 10 Q over 2019

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