Mike Rojas: "This team has to play well"


Coach Mike Rojas sees Leones superior to the Caribes in his semifinal series, though he knows he can not stumble in this case

CARACAS.- With the start of the semifinal round of the LVBP, the manager of the Leones del Caracas, Mike Rojas, He made an analysis of what will come in the next few days against Anzoategui's Caribes, a rival who can not breathe, because he knows very well what the current champions of baseball are capable of.

However, despite the fact that the tribe is an opponent with enough weapons, the Cuban rider leans to its runners, a team that left Tigres de Aragua on the road in six games. In addition, all the hairy technical staff, together with the council, created a strategy to prevent the Easterners from functioning.
"We have a good plan and I have a lot of confidence in all of my pitchers," said Rojas. "We know how to play in them. We have to prepare them for the way we want to attack them."

Yet even though they are prepared for what could be a clash of titans, the capitalist boss does not forget what the ninth leader is capable of. Omar López. "This team has to play with good defense and shoot very carefully," the West Indian continued.

But what most draws the attention of Rojas is his confidence, which blindly deposits in each and every one of his players, noting that no one within the Lions club feels any pressure to be so close to the final.

"My father always told me that the pressure is for a man with no confidence and I have a lot of confidence in my team," added Rojas, who has already forgotten about last year's elimination, which was precisely at this moment and before the same coin. which the Caribs face today. "This year is a new year, a new series and anything can happen," he concluded.

List rotation

For the first match of the series, which was played on Saturday, the Lions match was Álex Delgado. The rest of the rotation is made of Translation and LocalizationSo César Jiménez for the first appointment in Puerto La Cruz, while the fourth and last position should be defined between Logan Darnell and Jaren Long.


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