Miguel Herrera knows that his future is not guaranteed if he is not a champion


America closed the regular phase of the Apertura Tournament of 2018 in the second position of the table, with the best attack and the second best defense. However, Miguel Herrera knows that the requirement in this club is to be a champion and if he does not reach the goal, he can stay out of the team.

"Here in this team you are bound to be a champion, if you are not a champion you go to the evaluation of the coaches and they decide what is next for the best tournament you have ever done", recognized the lice in an interview with the Fox Sports Agenda.

"We have the head to try to reach the final and of course be in that situation, try to beat him, let's go step by step, when the tournament is over, let's wait with the World Cup, we'll see what comes next"he added.

In addition, the Eagles strategist acknowledged that he would like to play Cruz Azul in the final of the contest.

"Because of what we did in the tournament and because of the rivalry that exists, it would be a very beautiful Final, but we want to be there, whoever is in front of us does not care", he said.

Of course, this is America.

It does not matter: matter is the championship


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