Micbr begins, the great meeting of cultural and creative industries of the region


To build bridges between cultural production and business, the Brazilian city of São Paulo will the first edition of the Brazilian Creative Industries Market (MicBR), a mega event that will involve entrepreneurs from all cultural and creative sectors of nine countries in the region.

The Micbr will have 200 attractions from different areas, which connect gastronomy with music, publishing, animation, audiovisual (cinema, TV, advertising and new media), performing arts (circus, dance and theater) and electronic games. with design, heritage and visual arts.

The meeting, this starts today and runs through November 11, is organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the Brazilian Export and Investment Agency (Apex) and will haveRepresentatives of the organizing country, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

According to the organizers, 2,000 people will participate in market activities and 3,000 in cultural programming daily. In addition, it is speculated that at the closing weekend about 30 thousand will be part of the meeting, in the different attractions distributed in the cultural centers of Avenida Paulista.

The event will be held in 11 cultural spaces of Avenida Paulista, such as Masp, CCSP, Itaú Cultural and Instituto Moreira Salles!

In this sense, the mega event will gather around 500 companies and approximately 100 international buyers. The program includes face-to-face business roundtables, networking opportunities, product pitching opportunities, and training activities for entrepreneurs such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and clinics. of mentoring. Also present in the program are artistic and commercial presentations (windows) of music, performing arts, fashion and gastronomy. The expectation is that MicBR will move more than $ 10 million in business.

The Argentine participation

The national delegation shall consist of 67 projects, of which 2 participate in shop windows. There will be 9 fashion initiatives, 9 design, 5 in the videogames sector, 10 in the publishing industry, 3 audiovisuals, 10 audiovisuals, 9 performing arts and 10 musicals. In addition, a show of music and scenic performances, with projects from different parts of the country: Buenos Aires, La Plata, Jujuy, Formosa, Chaco, Tucumán, Misiones, San Juan, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Río Negro, Salta and Mendoza.

"We celebrate this great gathering of creative industries that joins regional actions that create new networks of cultural work and enhance the talent of our entrepreneurs," said the Secretary of Government of Culture of the Nation, Pablo Avelluto.

"The participation of Argentina in this first edition of Micbr in Brazil is a great opportunity for the export of Argentine culture to the world. For five days, the 70 producers of our delegation will be linked to potential partners and buyers to exchange their products and services with countries of the region, "explained the Secretary of Culture and Creativity, Andrés Gribnicow, one Culture Infobae.

MicBR stems from past successes in the region, Argentina's Creative Industries Market (MICA) and the Southern Cultural Industries Market (MICSUR). In that sense, "since 2016 and with MICA as a background, we have worked with neighboring countries to create their own platforms to improve the exchange of cultural productions," he added.

"More than 300 Argentine cultural projects from different sectors (music, performing arts, publishing, audiovisual, video games, design and fashion) will be offered in Brazil to programmers and cultural companies from other countries in the region and in the world. It will strengthen the circuits of circulation of the creative industries of South America, as it promotes the mobility and exchange of our artists and creators between the countries of the same region and other continents."concluded Gribnicow.

Listing with selected people to represent Argentina in San Pablo

Music: Damián Ortega, One in 1000 reservations (CABA); Joaquín Blas Pérez, Cuchá! Platense Producing Musicians (The money); Walter Broide, Mamboretá Psicofolk (Formosa); Maite Sroka, Coffee vinyl (CABA); Carlos Ignacio Sidoni, INGA study (CABA); Hanna Bennenson, ZZK Records, AYA Records, ZZK Music Tours, ZZK Films (CABA); Dario Pulsudo Souza, Young culture and art festival (Tucumán); Juan Domingo Rocca, ACMMA (Argentina), Fabián Andrés González, Twitin Records (CABA) and Cecilia Crespo, S-Music Argentina (CABA).

ShowCaseMusic: Lucas Honigman, Ekeko NationManager, (Chaco / CABA).

Performing Arts: Virginia from the Snowfall, International Theater of Bariloche (Bariloche); Facundo Domínguez, Blick Company (Córdoba); Amalia di Gregorio, 2DG scenic production (CABA); Carolina Castro, Theater company of the future (CABA); Fernando Rubio, The garden of the Sahel (BA); Laila Malena Duschatzky, C.M.A: Collective of Women Artists (CABA); María Paz Cogono, Migra Project (CABA), Ignacio Tamagno, The Bowl Theater (Córdoba) and Pablo Foladori, Opera Peripheral Foundation (CABA).

ScenCast ShowCase: Oscar Zoilo Garcés, Love is a good (CABA).

Audio-visual: Daniela Piazzolla, Paisa Studio (Rio Preto); Marisa Andrea Hassan, Behind the sun (Missions); Luciana Paola Abad, Up to 30 minutes. Short Film Distributor (CABA); Rodrigo Julio Penna, SUMM IMMERSIVE (CABA); Malena Zanazzi, Cinebruto. Production Company (CABA); Mónica Muñoz, National University of Rio Negro (Rio Preto); Andrea Paola Suárez, APAC (Córdoba); Melina Guetmonovitch, UN3 (CABA), Nicolás Batlle, Magoya Films (CABA) and Cecilia Agüero, The generator (Mendoza).

AudioVisual – Animation: Nicolás Gastón Couvin, Malabar Producciones S.R.L. (CABA), Ignacio Lillini, Association of Companies Producing Animation APA de Córdoba (Córdoba) and Luciana Isabel Roude, Can club (CABA).

Editorial: Alejandro Bidegaray, Shrew (BA); Walter Binder, Editions Calibroscope (CABA); Richard Charles Warrior Group (CABA); Manuel Bernardo, Rud Limonero (CABA); Silvia Sirkis, Art in the port (CABA); Lucila Manzzini, DocumentA / Scenic Editions (Córdoba); Juan M. Pampín, Editions Corregidor (CABA); Maxi Papandrea, Stealth (CABA), Sebastián Goyeneche, Nulú Bonsai Art Editor (CABA) and Santiago José Fernández Subiela, Letra Sudaca Ediciones – The big fish books (CABA).

Video Games: Mauricio Narvajas, 3OGS (Córdoba), Alejandro Jeroz, OneEyeAnt (Santa Fe and CABA), Facundo Mounes, Inca Games (CABA), Agustín Pérez Fernández. Argentina Foundation of Videogame (CABA), Federico Cara, Mimic (Mendoza).

Design: Adrian Prieto, Piragine ARQOM (Chaco), Eugenio Gómez Llambi, Bondi Group (CABA); Gabriela Paula Casalderrey, UGLY (Salta); Recabarren Bertomeu, Sebastian Lucas Parral (Saint John); Juan Elizalde, Ranger (CABA); Nicolás Iacobucci, NUSSmotion (CABA); Daiana Pozzi, Pozzisudi (Missions), Lelya Silvina Martínez, FEBOASOMA (CABA) and Matías Fernández Moores, Vacancy (CABA).

Design / Fashion: Maria Cora, Groppo Gordillo Coragroppo (CABA); Maria Emilia Velasco, Velasco (Chaco); Mayte Ossorio Domecq, Maison Domecq (CABA); Juan Hernández Daels, Juan Hernández Daels (CABA); Tejerina Miracle Fair, The Fair Textile Design (Jujuy); Marina Massone, Marina Massone Joyeria Contemporanea (BA); Camila Milessi, Kostüme (CABA), Marina Molinelli, Bony Wells Cabinet (CABA) and Raúl Marcelino Senra, Marcelo Senra (CABA).


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