Mariano Rivera: "For me, Vizquel is the Hall of Fame"


The Panamanian made the inaugural launch of the Mexico-Venezuela game

PANAMA.- Mariano Rivera he is still surprised by his election to Hall of fame baseball unanimously.

The former pitcher of the New York Yankees He assured on Monday that it did not occur to him that he would become the first player of the Big leagues To be elected with the 425 votes of the chroniclers of the American baseball, and that the most important thing for him was to be in a place next to the Latin American "patriarchs" that opened roads in the majors.

"I tell you the truth, I did not expect it," Rivera said with a smile at a large press conference as part of the Caribbean Baseball Series in his natal Panama.

"The main thing is to arrive and represent Latin America, as (the Dominican Juan) Marichal, Aparicio (the Venezuelan Luis) and (the Puerto Rican Roberto) Clemente, who opened the court for us. Doing the same thing is exciting. "

Rivera visited on Friday Cooperstown, where he will be exalted to the museum of immortals on July 21, and said he was thrilled to be in a place where these "patriarchs" are.

"It's amazing to play our brother Carew's plate," Rivera said, referring to Panamanian Rod Carew, the first Panamanian to be exalted to the Hall of Fame in 1991.

Rivera is the record-holder in the majors, with 652 in 19 seasons in the New York Yankees' uniform.

Rivera made a stop in Panama to send the first pitch of the game between Mexico and Venezuela, the second of the opening day of the tournament.

Rivera spoke for over 45 minutes in which he went on to talk about his excitement and what it means for him and future generations of Latin American baseball players in his election to the Hall of Fame.

He was asked in particular whether he sees the Venezuelan Omar Vizquel enter the Museum of the Immortals at some point, to which he replied: "If it were for me, everyone could have entered."

Vizquel appeared this year for the second time in the vote. Rivera highlighted the "impeccable defense" of the former Venezuelan protagonist. "If we take into account (this factor), for me it is (a future Hall of Fame)."


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