Margot Robbie shows the image of the new Queen Harley


The actress Margot Robbie returns to the skin of Harley Queen although your character has a slight image exchange in his next appearance. The star showed an image of her outfit for the movie Bird of Prey. A tape that will be dedicated to the anti-heroine of the DC universe.

In the instagram publication you can see some Details like a remarkable haircut. Despite the new characterization, Queen will iconic heart on one of his cheeks, as well as the carmine that characterized him for the first time in Suicide Squad.

Fans looked at the appearance of Harley Quinn and found an interesting Easter egg which refers to Dark hair.

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On the plate with bone form of your pendant, you can see the name Bruce. Followers have already begun to create theories as to whether it's just a nod or whether Harley Quinn really knows Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Robbie will share screen with another great DC universe like Black Canary, Huntress or Renée Montoya.

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