Man kills wife and one-year-old son


Both victims had stab wounds.

The Manteco.- The neighbors on the main street of El Chaparral sector of Pedro Cova's parish were shocked when they learned of the murder of a woman and her one-year-old baby.

What people do not realize is that the material author of the event was the husband and father of the victims.

The double homicide occurred on Sunday morning.

There were several close family friends who noticed the situation. The main door of the house was open, it was then that they knew something was not right.

They decided to come in and from the room you could see the disturbance. But it was in the main room, where they saw the body of Edilin Denielys Suárez Ortega, 21 years.

She was lying on her back in a white blouse and bluyn, and was covered with several pieces of clothing and sheets.

In another room, the 1-year-old boy, known as Jhosniel de Jesús Casanova Suárez, was dead.

Both corpses had wounds of a white weapon.

Alarmed, the neighbors continued to traverse the house until they found the body of Jahason de Jesus Casanova, 31, who committed suicide after killing his family.

It was then that they decided to notify the officials of the Bolivar State Police (PEB).

History of neighbors

When the states linked to the El Manteco Police Coordination Center arrived, the house was surrounded by people.

The states confirmed what was said by the citizen who went to the CCP to report the crime.

As reported by the victims' neighbors, Jahason had arrived drunk at night and after several minutes they began to hear strange shrieks and noises.

Apparently, it was not the first time neighbors heard fights between the couple.

The woman was located in the room where she was sleeping.

He killed the family.

Hours later, a commission from the Homicide Investigations Division of the Criminal, Criminal, and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) arrived on the scene.

Detectives built part of what, according to the evidence, happened.

First, the man killed his wife.

Because of the damage they saw in the house, authorities say the woman defended herself against the attack.

Edilin's body not only had stab wounds, but also several bruises; apparently the man hit her.

After finishing the life of the wife, Jahason entered the other room and there stabbed the son several times.

After that, the man decided to take his own life, hanging from the ceiling.

Cicpc's detectives proceeded to remove the corpses.

They were transferred to the National Service of Medicines and Forensic Sciences (Senamecf), located at the Ciudad Guayana subdelegation of the scientific police, for the corresponding analyzes.

They expect relatives to go to the morgue to claim the bodies and thus be able to question them.

So far, the authorities think the crime happened out of envy. However, they will wait for statements from relatives to confirm this release.

The CICPC also started to question the neighbors and get more details of the family's daily life.

Dejected community

The neighbors in El Chaparral sector regretted what happened. They commented to authorities that apparently Jahason de Jesús Casanova fought with his wife every time he drank alcohol.


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